Instructions: Demonstrate your understanding of context clues by following each step below. 1.Choose a word you have learned recently. Use it in a sentence providing a context clue of direct explanation. Identify your term by bolding it and your direct explanation with italics. 2.Choose a word from your own vocabulary, and write a sentence in which you provide a context clue of synonym replacement. Identify your term by bolding it and your synonym restatement with italics. 3.Write a sentence which uses a context clue of mood or tone in order to explain a word in your own vocabulary.

(1) Answers

1) IDYLLIC. It is an idyllic day. Sunny with a bit of wind, ideal for romping in the park. 2) HIFALUTIN In any form of communication, I avoid using hifalutin words. It's easier to use words simple words that can easily be understood. 3) SINISTER The place looks sinister. It's dark, gloomy, creepy, and gives me the chills.

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