in the town zoo, 3/28 of the animals are birds. of the birds, 4/15 are birds of prey. what fraction of the animals at the zoo are birds of prey?

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for this you have to multiply the two numbers : [latex] \frac{3}{28} [/latex] are birds and out of those [latex]\frac{4}{15} [/latex] are there relevant birds. Explanation why you have to multiply: in a similar situation, if you have a number and you want to find out 3/4 of this number: you multiply the original number by 3/4. Here it's just confusing that both numbers are fractions.  [latex]\frac{3}{28} * \frac{4}{15}= \frac{3*4}{28*15} = \frac{3*1}{7*15}= \frac{1*1}{7*5}= \frac{1}{35}[/latex] so the result is [latex]\frac{1}{35}[/latex]

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