In recent studies, the rate of heart attack incidents in men was at least 50 percent higher than in women. Men are more prone to heart attack because of stress and lack of emotional release. Also, men do not have the natural genetic immunity to heart attacks that women seem to have. As men get older, they may exercise less and eat more of the wrong foods. Consequently, their arteries may become blocked, and heart attack risk becomes greater. 1.) The example above is what type of paragraph? A.) narrative B.) descriptive C.) expository 2.) A proper topic sentence for the paragraph above would be _____ A.) Women have less stress than men. B.) Women have fewer heart attacks than men. C.) Men tend to be at greater risk of heart attack than women. 3.) A proper concluding sentence for the paragraph would be _____ A.) Men should eat better foods. B.) To decrease the risk of heart attack, men should learn all they can about good habits in matters of health. C.) Men should exercise more and avoid stress.

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1. C 2. C 3. B Have a nice rest of your day c:

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