in local theaters showing an animated movie they charge $5 per ticket for a child and $12 per ticket for an adult they sell a total of 342 tickets and make a total of $2,550 we want to try to find out how many of each type of ticket they so let C represent the number of children tickets sold and A represent the number of adult tickets to write an equation that represents the fact that 342 tickets were sold also write an equation representing the fact that they made it to a total of 2550 also solve the system you created in A & B by the method of elimination

(1) Answers

C+A=342 $5C+$12A=$2,550 5C+5A=1710 5C+12A=2550 -7C=-840 C=120 5(120)+12A=2550 600+12A=2550 12A=1950 A=163

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