In Act I of Macbeth, when Macbeth returns home to his castle, how does Lady Macbeth’s behavior affect subsequent events in the play? A.Her words and actions suggest that she wants Macbeth to immediately become king, which encourages Macbeth to quickly follow through on the idea of killing Duncan. B.She suspects that Banquo may try to seize the throne before Macbeth, which is why she insists that they kill Duncan while the king is in their castle. C.Her words and actions suggest that she has some misgivings about the witches’ predictions, which is why she has little involvement in the planning of Duncan’s murder. D.She wants to be the one who kills Duncan, which becomes a source of conflict between her and Macbeth.

(2) Answers

The answer is A because she wants macbeth to be king in order to have it all


I just did the test - the answer is A

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