in a fish bowl there were 12 fish,some little, others big. if each of the big fish ate 2 little fish and then the little fish were all gone,how many fish are left in the bowl?

(2) Answers

x+2x=12 as there are twice as many small fish as big fish 3x=12 divide by 3 x=4 There are 4 left in the bowl.


that suck for the little fish! there were 12 fish so 12=(big fish)+(little fish) x=big fish y=small fish so if the big fish each ate 2 little fish and all of the little fish (2x-y=0) were gone so 2x=y there are 2 times as many little fish as big fish so 12=x+y or 12=x+2x add like terms 12=3x divdide both sides by 3 4=x x=big fish  big fish =4 since the big fish ate all the little fish the answer is the origonal number of big fish which is and was 4

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