In a circle with a radius of 7 feet, the radian measure of the central angle subtended by an arc with a length of 4 feet is ? The area of the sector formed by the arc is ? square feet. Assume π = 3.14, and round your answers to the nearest hundredth.

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The formula for finding the area of a sector in a circle is 1/2×r^2×x, where x is the angle and r is the radius. We don't know the angle, but we can find it using the formula x = s/r, where x is the angle, s is the arc length, and r is the radius. x = 7/4 (the radian measure of the angle) Now use this to find the area. A = 1/2 × 7^2 × 7/4 = 49 × 7/8 This is equal to 343/8 or approximately 42.875. The area is 42.88 square feet.

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