I'm working on a translation of George Brassens "Le Grand Pan" (and undertaking, I know) and am stuck on these lines: "Un tas de génies amoureux Venaient leur tenir la chandelle". The first verse is self-evident. However, the second verse is tripping me up. Please, if anyone can offer me a translation (not via Google Translate) of this line, this would be great.

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the first verse means that "there are a bunch of genies in love"and the second verse means that" we are coming to hold the candle".


Lots of spirits in love were coming to play gooseberry   venaient = past tense plural 3rd were coming génie can be genie or genious, but her it's like the "génie" "the spirit" like in "Aladdine"....... the right meaning for "tenir la chandelle" is "to hold the candle"  but there, it's more "to play gooseberry " !!! hope I helped !!!

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