If the equation is y= -7, then what is the slope, and what is the y-intercept?

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Simple, this is the equation y=-7 Your y-intercept is -7, there is no slope, it's not increasing or decreasing. Your slope is nothing (0) and the y-intercept is -7. This being said, the line will be a horizontal line, going straight across at -7, forever. -----------------(-7)------------------------


Here's the given equation:          y = -7 . The y-intercept is the value of 'y' when x=0 . What is the value of 'y' when x=0 ? Here, let me give you a hint:  The equation is        y = -7 . What is the value of 'y' when x=0 ? The equation says that 'y' is always -7. It doesn't CARE what 'x' is.  'y' is ALWAYS  -7 . So when x=0, 'y' is -7.  That's the y-intercept. Now, how about the slope of the graph ? You're used to seeing      y = (slope) x + (y-intercept)                              or          y =        m x   +    b But this equation only has  y =  b . It has no  ' m x ', so you don't know how to handle it. Here, let me help. I'll re-write the equation, without changing it, and when I do that, I expect to see you slap yourself in the forehead. The equation, in its original form:      y  =          - 7 The equation, re-written:                    y  =  (0)x  -  7 Did the light-bulb go on yet ?

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