If I burn easy, what is the best way to get a tan? I burn very easy. I want a tan. I'm planning to go swimming in the morning... should I wear spf? Does anyone have any tips for making my skin tan and not burn?

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3 ways to tan outside: 1) Tan outside:      A) Wear sunscreen instead of sunblock. Sunscreens allow some of the sun's rays to penetrate, giving you some tanning action while shielding you from many harmful UVA and UVB rays.     B) Choose water-resistant sunscreen. Before start sweating or swimming, wait about 15 minutes to give your sunscreen a chance to bind to your skin. 2) Give Yourself a Spray Tan      A) Choose a tinted aerosol if you're doing your spray tan at home. When you use clear aerosols, you may have a difficult time telling how much spray tan you've applied to your skin.      B)Go easy on dry areas. Put extra moisturizer on your knees and elbows, and spray them lightly compared to other areas. 3) Apply Self-Tanning Mousse or Gel      A) Exfoliate your skin with a body scrub and a loofah. Apply your tanning mousse or gel immediately after you prep your skin to ensure the smoothest coat possible.      B) Apply a moisturizer that contains a gradual tanner.

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