I ONLY NEED HELP WITH PART B An equation is shown below: 5x + 3(x – 5) = 6x + 2x – 15 Part A: Solve the equation and write the number of solutions. Show all the steps. (6 points) Part B: Name one property you used to solve this equation. (4 points)

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Hi there5x+3(x-5)=6x+2x-15Simplify both sides of the equation 5x+3(x-5)=6x+2x-15Distribute 5x+3x-15=6x+2x-15Combine like terms (5x+3x)-15= (6x+2x)-158x-15=8x-15Subtract 8x from both sides 8x-15-8x=8x-15-8x-15=-15Add 15 to both sides -15+15=-15+150=0 All real numbers are solutions To solve this equation I used " The distributive property" I hope that's help ! Good night !

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