I don't understand how to find the area and perimeter. Could someone explain to me on how to do it?

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AREA To find the Area, you would find have to find the length, which is 6 in this case (up and down squares. Then find the width, which is 8. (Side by side squares). Then you multiply them together which would be 48. Also, don't forget to note that it is SQUARED. In this case it would be 48 Units Squared since there aren't any measurements. If there are, such as inches. You would have to put 48 inches squared. _________________________________ PERIMETER To find the perimeter, it is very simple. You would just count how many squares are on the outside of the box/square. The top and bottom have 8 going side to side which would be 16 all together. The sides have 6 going up and down which is 12 in total. Overall, it would be 16+12= 28 Units. Perimeter isn't SQUARED since it isn't being multiplied.

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