I am a fourth grader and i need help with making a pargraph my words are - knight, knife, write, knee and kneel. please can u help me?

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I am an knight. I have a knife in my pocket to keep dragons away. I write to the queen/king to tell them about the dragon i slayed. Later I will kneel on my knees becoming the new king, and telling stories about the dragons i slayed.


The man guarding the castle is a brave and bold KNIGHT. Instead of using a short weapon, like a KNIFE, he uses a sword and shield. The castle he guards has many people that WRITE stories or letters to the other kingdoms. When the guard was young, he fell and injured his KNEE. He could not KNEEL when the king made him a knight, so he sat down instead. He has been a knight ever since. TELL ME IF IT HELPS.

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