How would you round off a number to one decimal place? For example would 67.39 become 67.4

(2) Answers

you take the second decimal, and if it is 5 or over, you increase the first decimal by one. If the number is 17.96,you increase the first decimal by one which gives you 18. If the question asks for 1 decimal place, than put 18.0 :)  


when rounding off numbers to specific decimal places look at the number after that place. If that number is less than 5 then keep the needed decimal the same. if it is greater than 5 then round up by one.Examples:15.69 ⇒ 15.7 15.64 ⇒ 15.617.890 ⇒ 17.89 17.898 ⇒ 17.90

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