how to do order the numbers from greatest to least..0.386, 0.3, 0.683, 0.836

(2) Answers

Add two zeros to the 0.3 to level it out with the rest of the numbers. Then go by the first number after the decimal. The tenth (1/10, 0.1). Then order them from greatest to least based on the tenth. Try answering the question using this method. Comment your answer so I can see if you are correct. Good Luck!


To sort these from greatest to least, you see which number is closest to 1 (since they are all under 1).  Look at the tenth place, and the largest digit in that place.  This is an 8, so the largest is .836.  Repeat again!  The next one is a 6, so it goes .836, .683.  After that, there are 2 numbers, .386 and .3, which are both in the .3, so the one with a higher hundreds place goes first.  That is .386, so the final order is .836, .683, .386, .3. Hope this helps!

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