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How to change the frequency on rc boats

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Well I found this online if thats ok.. Purchase a crystal set from a hobby shop online or locally. Make sure that the crystal set is a matched pair with a crystal for both the transmitter and the receiver, and that it is usable by your particular transmitter and receiver system.Open your RC vehicle to access the remote control receiver. You can open most vehicles by removing a set of clips that hold the vehicle body to the chassis. Some will require you to unscrew the body first before removing it. A Phillips head screwdriver is usually required.Locate and remove the current frequency crystal from the receiver, slipping it out of the receiver housing. The crystal should have a tab attached to a small metal body which plugs into the receiver via two small prongs. Pull it gently from the housing so as not to break a prong.Place the new crystal into the receiver, plugging it into the two small holes. The proper crystal in the pair should be labeled with an "Rx", to note that it is the receiver crystal. Replace the car body.Remove the case from your RC radio transmitter, using the screwdriver.Locate and remove the current frequency crystal from the transmitter.Place the new crystal, labeled with a "Tx" for transmitter crystal, into the transmitter. Replace the transmitter case. Credit: eHow

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