How do you use the periodic table to recall the ionic charge of an alkali metal, an alkaline earth metal,or aluminum

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The last digit of the group number (the unit digit) is the number of valence electrons of the atoms. So, group 1 elements (alkali metals) have 1 valence electron; gropup 2 elements (alkaline earth metal) have 2 valence electrons; and group 13 elements (to which aluminum belongs) have 3 valence electrons. The metals form ions lossing their valence electrons, so the ionic charge will be determined in this form: kind of element    group in                    number of               ionic charge                              the periodic table     valence electrons alkali metal           1                                1                                  +1 alkaline earth metal                    2                                2                                 +2 aluminum             13                              3                                 +3 The ionic charge of these metals equals the last digit of the group number.

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