how do you do linear equations

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Linear equations have the basic form of y=mx+c where m is the slope and c is the y intercept or general form of Ax+By=C where again c is the y intercept To find the equation you need two points or a point and a slope if you have two coordinate sets (Xa,Ya) and (Xb,Yb) The slope is found using the formula ((Yb-Ya)/(Xb-Xa)) the linar equation is found by putting the slope back in the formula then substuting coordinate set b for just x and y. then cross multiplying to get your equation.  for example. if i have (2,3) and (6,8) and i want to find the equation of the line i do m=((8-3)/(6-2)) m= (5/4) i put this back in the formula 5/4=(y-3)/(x-2) (cross multiply) 4(y-3)=5(x-2) 4y-12=5x-10 (expanding brackets) 5x-4y=-12+10 (moving into general formula 5x-4y= 2 (collect like terms) Hope i helped let me know if you need anything further

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