Homeworktism only plz? Which was a cause of World War II in Europe? (Points : 3) attack on Pearl Harbor death of Archduke Franz Ferdinand fall of France failure of the Treaty of Versailles Question 2.2. Which event led the United States to enter World War II? (Points : 3) French surrender to Germany the Battle of Britain German invasion of the Soviet Union Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor Question 3.3. Which nation was part of the Axis Powers? (Points : 3) France Spain Great Britain Japan Question 4.4. Who was president of the United States during most of World War II? (Points : 3) Woodrow Wilson Theodore Roosevelt Herbert Hoover Franklin Roosevelt

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One cause of WWII was the death of Archduke Ferdinand, Pearl Harbor was what caused the US to enter the war, Japan was a member of the Axis Powers, and Franklin D Roosevelt was president for most of the war.

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