Help please!! In Emily Dickinsons' poem If you were coming in the Fall, how would you describe the speaker's situation? How does she feel about it?

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The speaker in Emily Dickinson’s “If You Were Coming in the Fall” is lonely, and is desperately waiting for the return of her lover. She is longing for her lover who has been gone for a long period of time, and is still willing to wait for him. The speaker emphasizes in the first stanza that if her lover will come back, she will be happy. She compared her happiness to a housewife’s satisfaction of killing a fly. The second stanza posits that if her lover would come back in a year, she would fold times into smaller pieces for her fear that one year would be extended. This signifies her eagerness to see her lover again that if there is an assurance of seeing him in death, she would be more than willing to die. This is given emphasis on the fourth stanza. Lastly, it is signified in the last stanza that the uncertainty of her lover’s comeback hurts him like the sting of a bee.

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