Hello everyone! This is all about simile can you answer this? Instruction: What are compared in the following lines? What do the two unlike objects have in common? Questions: 1. Eyelids like feather's edge Tresses long and black as night, Lips and cheeks like jasmine blooms... 2. The gay and lovely (poems) pirouette, Like dancers in my mind 3. I sit alone, Thinking sharp thoughts as warm- less as the glacial sun, I sit alone like a frozen rock Left and embedded deep in glacial rivers—lonely. 4. Like silent, hungry sharks that swim in the darkness of the sea, the German submarines arrived in the middle of the night. 5. Silence dropped like a curtain around them.

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i can answer to your first question (what are compared in the following lines) its everything that uses "like" or "as" ex: eyelids like feathers edge

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