Hassem and his family cut an apple pie into 5 equal slices and a blueberry pie into 10 equal slices. They ate  of the apple pie. If they ate the same fraction of the blueberry pie, how many slices of the blueberry pie did they eat? 3 4 5 6

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2/10=1/5, so all odd numbers are out leaveing you with the choose of 4 slices and 6 slices i do not know wich is right becase you did not give the amount of apple pie they ate. if they ate 2 slices or 2/5 of the apple pie then they ate 4 slices of the blueberry pie, if they ate 3 slices or 3/5 of the apple pie then they ate 6 slices of the blueberry pie. i hope i helped and sorry for spelling. im better at math than english 

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