Gymnosperms and angiosperms are both vascular plants within the Kingdom Planta. Which description is common to both gymnosperms and angiosperms? A. needle-like leaves B. seeds C. flowers D. woody cones 2. (1 pt) Organisms from the Kingdom Planta are found throughout the environment around us. Mosses are members of this kingdom. Which organisms belong to the Kingdom Planta? Choose all answers that are correct. A. mushrooms B. redwood trees C. seaweed D. daisies E. yeast 3. (1 pt) All of the organisms in the Kingdom Planta, except mosses, are vascular. Which description is common to all organisms in the Kingdom Planta? A. produce pollen B. have stamens and pistils C. produce cones D.use photosynthesis to get nutrients 4. (1 pt) What is the difference between vascular and nonvascular plants? A. presence of leaves B. need water in order to grow C. have systems for transporting water and minerals

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B,B ,D and C are your answers


The answer would have to be c

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