Find the verbal in the sentence below. Then, identify the type of verbal.

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I don't see the sentence but its 420 day for some reason ive been singing the magic school bus theme while I eat peanut butter with some chizz whiz


Verbals are verbs that function as an adjective or a noun. In the sentence: The puppy, Charlie, wanted to play with everyone around him, "around" is a preposition. That leaves "wanted" and "to play" whose base forms are verbs. "Wanted" here functions as a verb. Therefore, it is not a verbal. What remains is "to play". It is an infinitive that functions as noun---- the object of the sentence.  Therefore, the verbal is: "to play"  And the type of verbal is: infinitive P.S.  gerund ends in -ing participles can end in -ing, -en, -ed,

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