Find the speed of a satellite in a circular orbit around the earth with a radius 4.03 times the mean radius of the earth. (radius of earth = 6.37×103 km, mass of earth = 5.98×1024 kg, g = 6.67×10-11 nm2/kg2.)

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we will equate the earth's grav force to the centrip force acting on the satellite GMm/r^2=mv^2/r where M is the mass of the earth, v the speed of the satellite, r the distance from the center of the Earth, m the mass of the satellite, and G the newtonian grav cst this gives us: v^2=GM/r v=sqrt[GM/r] = sqrt[6.67x10^(-11)(6x10^24)/(3.67xR)] = 4137.5 m/s (where R is the radius of the Earth= 6.37x10^6m)

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