Find the missing coordinate to complete the ordered-pair solution to the given linear equation: A) y+6x=5        (a) (-1,?)       (b) (3,?)  B) 3x+2y=-6        (a) (-2,?)       (b) (?,3)  C) 2x+1/3y=5        (a) (?,18)       (b) (8/3,?)

(1) Answers

A a) y+6x=5 if x= -1  then y+6(-1)=5 then y = 11 b) same thing if x = 3 then y+6(3)=5 y+18=5  subtract both sides by -18 and leave y on left then add 5+(-18)= 13 then y=13 B same as above question (a) asks you to solve for y because x is -2 (b) asks you to solve for x because y is known 3x+2y=-6 if y = 3 you write 3x+2(3)=-6 3x+6=-6 move the +6 over to right side by subtracting 6 from both side 3x=-6 + -6 so 3x=-12 to get rid of the 3 and only leave the x you want to divide both side by 3 then x= -12/3 then the answer would be x=-4

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