Elle is pushing a box of mass 7.0 kilograms with the force of 25 newtons. If the force of friction is 2.6 newtons, what is the value of acceleration of the

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In the given question, there are several information's of immense importance. Using those given information's, it is easy to get to the required result. It is given that the mass of the box Ellie is pushing is 7 kg with a force of 25 newtons. the force of friction effecting the acceleration is 2.6 Newton. We already know that Force = mass * Acceleration We also know that Force = Force applied - Force of friction            = (25 - 2.6) Newton            = 22.4 Newton. Now putting the value of force in the equation, we get Force = Mass * Acceleration 22.4 = 7 * Acceleration. Acceleration = 22.4/7                      = 3.2 m/s^2 So the value of acceleration is 3.2 m/s^2

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