Each Of The following situation is an example of an opportunity to use persuasion except A. your parents have asked you why you believe you deserve the opportunity to attend a concert with your friends next weekend. B. your parents tell you that before you can go out to the movies your room must be clean and the kitchen floor must be washed. C. your family is having a discussion about where the family vacation ought to be this year and you have always wanted to see the Mount Rushmore. D. your family is discussing whether to eat leftover spaghetti or to go out to eat and you hate leftover spaghetti.

(1) Answers

B is the correct answer.  In A, you are persuading your parents to allow you to go to the concert.  In C, you are persuading your family to go to Mount Rushmore.  In D, you are persuading your family to eat something other than leftover spaghetti for dinner.  Hope this helped! If you have any questions, let me know. :-)

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