Do you think a creative person needs to achieve fame to find satisfaction with his or her talents? Why or why not?

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Personally I think not, because most "creative" people find their own self-satisfaction within their work which is typically when they began to become even more prominent in their work. However, some people have the need for achievement, as well as the need to be accepted by peers, family members, or just members of society. While people which seek out these attributes in their life are searching for fame, this does not mean specifically "creative" people are who need this type of achievement in their lives.  I hope this helps! 


I think not depending on how you are and what the piece is symbolized to you, that you might want to share it among others. You will see the piece as an impact to need or have fame that I given upon you but you don't need it because it's coming from you and it's from your creative mind flow.

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