describe what happens to the speed of a ball that is thrown at an angle up and caught when it comes back down

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Vertical speed from max goes to 0, than from 0 to max, this speed is not constant. Horizontal speed is constant and do not change during When ball is caught both vertical and horizontal speeds are 0


Here motion of ball is called projectile motion. Projectile motion is a form of motion in which an object or particle i.e. called a projectile is thrown near the Earth's surface, and it moves along a curved path under the action of gravity only. In this motion, horizontal component of velocity remains constant coz acceleration is zero in x-direction(horizontal direction). But vertical component of velocity changes in magnitude coz gravity acts on object in downward direction. SO WHEN OBJECT IS PROJECTED AT AN ANGLE, VERTICAL COMPONENT OF VELOCITY DECREASES AND BECOMES ZERO AT HIGHEST POINT OF PROJECTILE. LATER IT INCREASES AGAIN AS OBJECT IS ACCELERATED IN DOWNWARD DIRECTION BUT HORIZONTAL COMPONENT REMAINS SAME THROUGHOUT THE MOTION. Hope it helps

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