Describe the treaty of Versailles using at least 5 sentence Do you think this was a good treaty or bad treaty ? Explain why

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The treaty of Versailles was a bad idea. It benefited countries like Britain, France and America as they where the top powers to come out of the war. It blamed all of the damages caused to their countries squarely on the Germans simply because Germany was the best target. The German where forced to surrender all their foreign lands. They where forbidden from entering the Rhineland. They where forbidden from uniting with Austria. They where forced to pay reparations to the winning side after the war, leaving the German people and the Wiemar republic in poverty! If it wasn't for all these terms suppressing Germany, Hitler would never pushed the boundaries of the treaty, the Nazi's where unlikely to ever rise to such power as they where elected as a last hope when Germany lost faith in democracy and therefore Britain would not have had to declare war on Germany for taking over Poland and Slovakia, entering the Rhine and uniting with Austria. It is often said that WW1 was just a build up to world war two, as if it wasn't for the treaty of versailles none of this was ever going to or even had a possibility f happening.

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