Darwin hypothesized that there are definite steps to natural selection. Consider the model here. Use the Roman numerals (I - III) to guide you through the steps. Which is an accurate description of Darwin's hypothesized theory of natural selection? A) Sexual reproduction of bacteria cause variation. Some bacteria survive and some do not. Over time all of the bacteria should become extinct. B) In any population, variation exists. Some bacteria are resistant to antibiotics. Most bacteria die, but the bacteria that are resistant survive and reproduce. C) In a population of bacteria that are exposed to antibiotics, some bacteria change their genetic make-up and survive. The new genetic make-up is passed on to offspring. D) There is a change in the environment: an antibiotic is added. Some of the bacteria are capable of changing to the new environment. They survive and reproduce, passing along their favorable traits.

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The answer is B because if there is variation there would be certain bacteria with a favorable trait to survive when the antibiotic is released.

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