Create interesting characters so readers will want to know more about them. Give one or several of your interesting characters some sort of problem or obstacle to overcome. The problem or obstacle may be internal (from inside themselves) or external (from outside themselves), or both. Plot a short story in which an interesting character has to overcome a conflict within himself or herself so that the character can overcome a problem outside of himself or herself. In one or two sentences, describe the character. In several more sentences, describe the main events of the story.

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Charlotte, George, and Cindy have been best friends since the first day of 3rd grade. Charlotte was the pretty one who got all the boys. George was the cool one with a soft, sensitive side and Cindy was the friend with the brains. The group always met up after school at the park. One day Cindy and George went to the park as Usual but Charlotte was no where to be found. Cindy called her phone and Charlotte answered crying. Cindy put her on speaker and asked Charlotte "What's wrong? Why aren't you at the park?" Charlotte answered Rick dumped me over that stupid new girl Sherry I'm at my house crying in my room. George said il be right over Charlotte calm down. So George and Cindy went over to Charlotte's house to help her broken heart. George always had a crush on Charlotte and thought he was never good enough for her so he thought this was his one chance to get Charlotte to be his if he was there for her. So they arrived at Charlottes house and went to her room. Charlottle was crying and Cindy went and talked to her and told her he wasnt a good man if he broke up with her for someone else when he said he loved her. George went over and asked if he could talk to Charlotte alone. Cindy said of course and went to the living room to watch TV. George sat down and kissed Charlotte on the cheek. He told her that no matter what he would always be here for her and when she got over this man and was ready to move on he would love to take her out on a date. Charlotte smiled and said he should of told her sooner and that she would take him up on his offer. She wiped her tears and hugged George. Then they went downstairs and watched TV together. Not only is Charlotte Happy now but George feels better about himself knowing he finally got the girl. The End.

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