City Community College plans to increase its enrollment capacity to keep up with an increasing number of student applicants. The college currently has an enrollment capacity of 2200 students and plans to increase its capacity by 70 students each year. What will the enrollment capacity be 3 years from now? a. 2480 b. 2410 c. 2340 d. 2240

(1) Answers

The given above may be modeled by the arithmetic sequence with initial value (I) 2200 and common difference (d) of 70. The number of applicants every year can be written by the equation,                           at = a1 + (n - 1) x d From the given above, n is equal to 4. This corresponds to the term which is 3 years from now.                             at = 2200 + (4 - 1) x 70 = 2410 Thus, the enrollment capacity would be 2410 students. 

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