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Choose one of the thirteen original colonies to research: North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Georgia, New York, Maryland, Virginia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, or New Hampshire. Then write a 350 word report on the history of the colony. Include the following: why the colony was founded who founded the colony what natural resources the colony was known for hardships the colony had to overcome how the colony was governed Use the library and the Internet to help you research the colony you choose.

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The Pennsylvania Colony was one of the original 13 colonies located on the Atlantic coast of North America. The original 13 colonies were divided into three geographic areas consisting of the New England, Middle and Southern colonies. The Pennsylvania Colony was classified as one of the Middle Colonies. The Province of Pennsylvania was an English colony in North America that existed from 1682 until 1776, when it joined the other 12 of the 13 colonies in rebellion against Great Britain and became the U.S. state of Pennsylvania.The Pennsylvania Colony was founded in 1682 by William Penn and other colonists.King Charles II of England specified in the charter given to William Penn that the name should be Pennsylvania. This is a combination of the Latin word ' Sylvania ' meaning woodland together with Penn. Natural Resources: Good farmland, timber, furs and coal. Iron ore was a particularly important natural resource.                                                                  Government: By 1775 Pennsylvania was governed as a Proprietary Colony.Economics and Trade: Exported agricultural products and natural resources but were also able to manufacture iron ore products such as plows, tools, kettles, locks, nails and large blocks of iron which they exported to England.

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