Case Studie: Yell PLC is a telephone directory company who are looking to grow their business by buying more equipment and taking over a rival. The company currently have £4.5 million in retained profit but in two years’ time should have an extra £1 million. Yell PLC operates in a competitive market. They currently have 1 year to pay off their existing loan which they’re paying back in 12 equal instalments with interest. Yell PLC hope to please their shareholders by paying a significant dividend. Question: 1.d.). Yell PLC wants to grow its business and need to raise money to help pay for more equipment and the £5millon needed to complete a takeover. Recommend if they should use retained profit or issue more shares (9 marks)

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They should try to issue more shares because they get money because people are buying shares and they are also getting rid of how much they get from profits. Hope this helped.


they should issue more shares to retain the profit

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