Carmen by the pack of cards for $0.75 from the vending machine she puts a $1 bill and the Machine what combinations of coins including pennies could Carmen get in change

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Ah, textbooks. Always those type of word problems. Sigh... . What's $1.00 - $0.75?  . It's $0.25. . What combinations? . Pennies, nickels, dimes, and a quarter. . Quarter is 1. Let's rule it out. . Pennies, nickels, and dimes. Twenty Five Pennies. Five Nickels. One Dime, three Nickels. One Nickel, two Dimes. One Nickel, twenty Pennies. One Dime, fifteen Pennies. Two Nickels, fifteen Pennies. Two Dimes, five Pennies. One Dime, two Nickels, five Pennies. Four Nickels, five Pennies. One Nickel, one Dime, ten Pennies. Three Nickels, ten pennies. 12 ways. Including the quarter, we have 13. OH NO IT'S 13!! RUN!! Just kidding. Hope this helped!

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