Can you give me an example of a food chain with 10 organisms

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Food chain refers to a process cycle from producer to consumer to decomposer. Plants – herbivores – omnivores – carnivores Start -> Plants -> herbivore insect -> spiders -> small bird -> Snake -> hawk -> fox -> lion -> when died the body will be eaten by hyena-> when hyena died -> body get decompose and be eaten  by worms and the rest will be plant’s fertilizer. The process of the food chain will then again takes place over and over again.


Food Chain alludes to the grouping of occasions in a biological system, where one life form eats another and after that is eaten by another creature. It begins with the essential source like the sun or aqueous vents where makers make nourishment, proceeds with purchasers or creatures who eat the sustenance, and closures with the top predator. Butterfly - little winged animals - fox Carrots - rabbit - snake - falcon Corn - chick - snake - man.

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