Can someone please tell me the answer. There is a picture. Thank you!

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To solve this problem, we must use the chord-chord power theorem, which states that the arcs that are determined by the segments of the chords, when added and divided by two, equal the inside angles. First, let's find angle AED. AD = 86 and BC = 96.  86+96 = 182  and (1/2)(182) = 91 Therefore, Angle AED = 91 degrees. Next, let's find angle AEC. We know that angle AEC is supplementary to angle AED because the sum of these two angles determines a straight angle, which measures 180 degrees, Therefore, Angle AEC = 180 - 91 = 89 degrees. (Note: If you were to use the chord-chord power theorem for Angle AEC, you would get the same answer) The answer to your question is D. m

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