Can someone please show me how to do problem number 4? Please show work so I can try to understand it. Thanks!

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with the given formula, we can calculate the amount of CO₂ using the balance equation but we first need the moles of CH₄ 1) to find the moles of CH₄, we need to use the ideal gas formula (PV= nRT). if we solve for n, we solve for the moles of CH₄, and then we can convert to CO₂. Remember that the units put in this formula depending on the R value units. I remember 0.0821 which means pressure (P) has to be in atm, volume (V) in liters, the amount (n) in moles, and temperature (T) in kelvin. PV= nRT P= 1.00 atm V= 32.0 Liters n= ? R= 0.0821 atm L/mol K T= 25 C= 298 K let plug the values into the formula. (1.00 x 32.0 L)= n x 0.0821 x 298K n= (1.00 x 32.0 L )/ (0.0821 x 298)= 1.31 moles CH₄ 2) now let's convert the mole of CH₄ to moles to CO₂ using the balance equation 1.31 mol CH₄ (1 mol CO₂/ 1 mol CH₄)= 1.31 mol CO₂ 3) Now let's convert from moles to grams using the molar mass of CO₂ (find the mass of each atom in the periodic table and add them) molar mass CO₂= 12.00 + (2 x 16.0)= 44.0 g/mol 1.31 mol CO₂ ( 44.0 g/ 1 mol)= 57.6 g CO₂ Note: let me know if you any question.

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