CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME ITS 8TH GRADE THAT NEED IT DONE IN 20 MIN 1.Geogina raised money for her local fire department by selling tickets to a school play. she mad a table showing the amount of money she collected for different numbers of tickets sold. tickets sold 5 10 15 20 amount raised 23.75 47.50 71.25 95.00 (a) The rate of change of the amount geogina raised is constant. How could she find the rate of change of the amount raised? Explain how, and then find the rate of change. (b) predict the amount geogina raised when she sold 24 tickets. Explain your reasoning 2. Tom had $56 in a saveings account the account was in active for several months, so the bank withdrew a serves charge from the account every month was inactive. the table show toms account balnce from the time it became inactive in till 9 months later. months inactive 0 3 6 9 account balance$ 56.00 45.50 35.00 24.50 (a) Plot the table values on a corrdinate grid. Draw a line throught the plotted points. (b) Find the solpe line. How does the solpe of the line relate the amount in toms bank account over time? Explain (c) Write an equation in solpe-intercept form that represtents the amount of money in toms bank account overtime. Explain what the x- and y- intercepts represtents.

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1. find slope x=tickets sold y=money made slope=(y2-y1)/(x2-x1) take any point (5,23.75) and (10,47.50) input (note, (x,y)) (47.50-23.75)/(10-5)=23.75/5=4.75 slope=4.75 y=mx+b m=slope b=yintercept y=4.75x+b input 47.5=4.75(10)+b 47.5=47.5+b b=0 equation is y=4.75x if ticket sold is 24 then x=24 y=4.75(24) y=114 answer is $114 2. points (0,56.00) and (3,45.5) slope=(y2-y1)/(x2-x1) slope=(45.5-56.00)/(3-0)=-3.5 y=-3.5x slope=-3.5 logic it yourself equation is y=-3.5x+0 y intercept is when x=0 so when the start of it was or when time=0 x intercept is when y=0 is when he has no money left 1.a. rate of change=4.75    b. $114 2. this yourself, (desmos graphing calculator)    b. slope=-3.5 (duh, means money goes down with time)    c. equaiton is y=-3.5x+0, xint meanss when he has no money, y int means when time=0 or when it started

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