Can Someone Help Me? (Translate Means translate To French :) ) Aimes-tu la pizza? Translate: Yes, I do like pizza (is It J'aime la pizza?) Quelle chemise de couleur portez-vous? Translate: I am wearing a white shirt Quel genre de crème glacée aimez-vous? Translate: I like Vallina ice-cream Comment allez-vous? (Je Suis bien (is this right))

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J'aime la pizza = I like Pizza. Oui, j'aime la pizza.= Yes, i do like pizza. Je porte une chemise blanche.= I am wearing a white shirt. J'aime la glace de Vanille. = I like Vanilla ice-cream. Ps. u spelled Vallina wrong, its Vanilla :)


Yes, like the guy before me has said, you did spell vanilla wrong but other than that, good job everything is excellent! keep the good work up!

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