By what means did european kingdoms develop during the late middle ages

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They develop by conquering the lands of weaker kingdom and exploiting their resources. Another method is by marrying their children to the children of another kingdom and unite their power


most were a hierachy of kings. Different areas.. Most kingdoms had land struggles between them.. Then the ruling kings of england started exploring/religious teachings of the roman catholic church. Several alliances between kingdoms connected the different areas by religion. Then the invasions of the islamic areas started. Most kingdoms joined and pushed it back several times because of the pilliagings and outright murders of innocent people by them. Thus the "holy wars" of middle ages. I believe at least 8 different times they tried and failed. From about mid 1400s to 1700s. British empire was exploring/expanding by sea and land during these times. Mostly small villiages. Some semi-cities. Lots of castle buildings.. Populations grew. Villiages became towns.. Larger became cities.. Roads built between to help trades/comerse. That help??

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