Bret has a fish tank that holds 320 fluid ounces of water. On average, the water evaporates from the tank at a rate of 3.84 ounces per day. Bret went on vacation for 2 weeks, and asked a friend to feed his fish. The fish tank was full of water when Bret lift. To the nearest hundredth, how many fluid ounces of water were left in the tank when Bret returned from his vacation

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320 - (3.84 x 14) = 266.24 oz He was gone for two weeks means he was gone for 14 days.  If it drains 3.84 per day, he will lose oz of water equivalent to (3.84 x 14), resulting in him having 266.24 oz when he gets back.


Really love this. The tank initially holds 320 fluid ounces of water. Water evaporates at the rate of 3.84 ounces per day. For 2 weeks that consist of 2 * 7 days = 14 days. For 1 day there is a loss of 3.84 ounces. Therefore for 14 days there would be loss of = 14 * 3.84 = 53.76 Therefore amount left =  320 minus 53.76 =  266.24 fluid ounces. So we guess the fish would still be alive.

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