Boiling is an example of a physical property. How do the particles of gas compare to the particles as a liquid? a.The gas and liquid particles have the same structure and identity but different kinetic energy. b.The gas particles have a stronger attraction between them and move slower than the liquid particles. c.The bonds inside the molecule are broken and the atoms move closer together as evaporation occurs. d.The bonds are broken and atoms spread apart as the substance changes phase from liquid to gas.

(2) Answers

The answer for this question is c


The gas particles acquire a more increasing level of energy than liquid particles and solid particles Solid particles vibrate. Liquid particles vibrate and slide/rotate. Gas particles vibrate, slide, rotate and translate. They all acquire different kinetic energies but resemble the same structure and identity. Thus, the answer is a. The gas and liquid particles have the same the structure and identity but different kinetic energy 

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