Bob has 3 children the product of their ages is 72 the youngest called justice. What is the ages of his children?

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If you divide 72 by 3 you would get 24. so that means each of the children are 24 years old. 24+24+24=72. I could be wrong because it does say Justice is the youngest.


The ages of his children are 12 being the youngest 24 the middle child and 36 as the oldest because: If you have seventy four as your total your first divide by how many children there are 74 divided by 3 That would give you 24 So next you can divide one of the twenty fours by 2 and get twelve So your left with 12, 12, 24, 24 Finally you add one of your twelves to one of the twenty fours to get thirty six Your final numbers (or ages) in least to greatest are 12, 24, and 36 Hope this helped!!!!!

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