At the beginning of the year, Jason had $80 his savings account. Each month, he added $15 to his account. Write an expression for the amount of money in Jason's savings account each month. Then use the expression to find the amount of money in his account at the end of the year.

(2) Answers

expression: y=80+15x (x representing months) x=12 so at the end of the year he will have $260


so y=mx+b m=slope b=y intercept, or the value of y when x=0 when x=0 is when time=0 that is initila value of 80 b=80 the slope is the increase per time unit that is 15 so m=15 y=15x+80 is da equation where x is number of months elapsed at the end of the year is 12 months elapsed x=12 y=15(12)+80 y=180+80 y=260 after 1 year, he has $260

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