Area of a triangle is given by the formula A=1/2 bh. The area of the triangle shown to the right is 56 sq. units. Find its base and height Read the problem carefully. To find the base and​ height, first identify the base and the height from the given figure. For the given​ triangle, the base is ____ and the height is____

(1) Answers

given base=2x+6 height=x+4 and area=56 square units 56=1/2 times (2x+6) times (x+4) times bot sides by 2 112=(2x+6)(x+4) expand 112=2x²+14x+24 divide both sides by 2 56=x²+7x+12 minus 56 both sides 0=x²+7x-44 factor waht 2 numbers mulitply to get -44 and add to get 7 11 and -4 0=(x-4)(x+11) set to 0 x-4=0 x=4 x+11=0 x=-11 false, measures can't be negative x=4 height=x+4 height=4+4=8 base=2x+6 base=2(4)+6=8+6=14 x=4 and base=14 and height=8

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