Apples and bananas 20 pieces of fruit and spent$11.50 apples cost 50 cent bananas 75 cent write two equations 1 will represent number of pieces of fruit and next money spent on fruit. Solve algebracally how many apples and bananas angelo bought?

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x= apples y= bananas 0.50x+0.75y=11.50 x+y=20      I would change the x+y=20 into y=mx+b form. The equation would then be y= -x+20.  You would plug in the last equation (y=-x+20) in for the y in the first equation. I would use the substitution property to figure out how many apples Angelo will get. This is how you would solve it: 0.50x + 0.75(-x+20)=11.50  0.50x -0.75x + 15= 11.50 (do the distributive property) 0.50x-0.75x= -3.5 (subtract the 15 from both sides of the equation) -0.25x= -3.5 (combine like terms) Divide both sides by -0.25 and get that x=14.  Angelo got 14 apples You would then put 14 in one of the equations that you used above. y= -x+20 y= -14+20 y= 6 Angelo got 6 bananas and 14 apples.

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