Ancient people that believed that to have life after death you needed your body preserved? I'm guessing Egyptians? I really need my grades up so if you guys could help me that would be great!

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Yes, many ancient cultures believed in life after death. The Egyptians, in particular, believed that a body had to mummified, or preserved, to be able to pass on to the next life. The rich had extravagant burials and mummy wrapping ceremonies. Their brain was taken out through the nose, and lungs were removed through the mouth. The body was then dried out for ten days, completing the mummification process.     Also, pharaohs, the rulers of Egypt, had their dogs, servants, and sometimes wives killed so that they could serve him in the afterlife. Boats were placed in the burial chambers, as well as gold, food, beds, board games, dolls, and other toys, and pottery. These items were used to help the pharaohs' spirit pass over the other world. 

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